Monday, July 03, 2006

My Two Left Fronts.

Okay, I've a lot on my mind. How else can I explain the fact that I have ended up with 2 left fronts for my tie front shrug. And I only noticed that when I checked the fronts for lenght against the back. And to make it worse, it was only then that I noticed that on one of them I had miss read the armhole lenght of 19cm as 9cm. So I've had a lot of unpicking to do lately. I'm slowly getting back to square one but life seems to have been getting in the way somewhat! There is one section of the new right front (which really is a right front) that will be as tight as anything as I tried to calm myself down! Thank goodness for knitting, at least I have Colinette to look forward to!

But there have been constructive things - I have nearly finished a wall painting in Emily's room which, as she correctly points out, are flowers and which make her room suddenly seem like a little girls room. Day by day she seems to learn new words and has just over 10 words in her vocabulary including 'all gone', 'oh dear', and 'ka' (cat obviously!). She never ceases to amaze me and it is a marvel to watch her grow from a baby (which she hasn't been for a while) into a lively little toddler who certainly has a mind of her own!

I sent my Mum some links of things to look at including the list of members of the UKnitters web-ring as there are some interesting reads out there and they're local (well at least the same continent!) and was suprised when she e-mailed back and said 'I saw you there'. I couldn't think what she meant for a while as I had sent a few links then it clicked. I had forgotten all about it whilst waiting for an e-mail saying I'd been accepted and so was suprised to see that I was now on the list! Fancy someone else having to point it out to you! I really feel as if I'm now part of the big wide world of knitters now! Mum on the otherhand is edging into the unknown and dabbling in freeform crochet. I've still to get her to teach me basic crochet before I go off the rails and go mad with the stuff! I have added 'The Happy Hooker' to my Christmas wish list but, impatient as always when she's caught up in an idea, Mum has just ordered herself a copy. I suppose I shouldn't grumble as I did have both the S'n'B books before she did. And she has more money to buy all these things with! The pair of us seem to want to move on to new things at the same time such as crochet (Mum a little more so than me seeing as she understands the stuff) and now the pair of us fancy trying, along with the shawls mentioned previously, socks. After months of wondering what the fuss was all about we now fancy a go ourselves. I may just end up with one sample sock if I can't face the second but there are so many nice patterns out there to try such as these daisy socks. Anyway really before I start anything new I should finish this shrug - I have so have some progress to show tomorrow at New Brighton Knitters meeting. And this time I'll set the video for 'Lost'!


Mum said...

MORE MONEY ? BIGGER overdraft more likely !!!!

Kath said...

Let's put it as possibly being more in control!