Saturday, July 29, 2006

What State is K8 in?

I sat like an expectant father waiting for the washing machines cycle to finish so I could see K8. I was both excited and nervous and had a slight worry that my jeans may turn slightly orange from the dyes but....

There was nothing to worry about. There was K8, still in one piece and looking gently felted, more fulled looking (I know that technically they're both the same but it was more fuzzy than felt if you know what I mean!). The cork did it's job and the thumb section still fits. As for the rest if the mitt, well there was a definite improvement on the overall fit but still a little on the wide side but nothing too drastic as you can see in the picture! Except that you can't see it as I can't find the lead to connect the camera to the computer so I can download the photos - oops! I'll post them later on.

Now, should I knit up the left hand mitt now and hope that the felting process works just as well? What are the chances of being able to get a matching pair this way?
Anyway regarding the rest of the mitts I had planned I found this. Hopefully this will be a better pattern to use but I will certainly amend it to include a lacy design and may do a bit more playing around until I'm happy with the overall effect.

Anyway I'm off to do more of the Metis Jumper as it really seems to be growing quickly now - a few more nights of good telly and I'll be done!


Cherry Rolfe said...

Did you by any chance time the first felting? Even if not i would still have a go and just keep checking the second one until its as good as! In wear fabric items adjust a bit! Good luck and enjoy Wales!

Kath said...

No thought went into the felting process - mitt went into one of those little net bags for washing tablets, in the washing machine with the jeans and off it went! I was kind of in one of those if it works, it works kind of moods!

Cherry Rolfe said...

Oh I'd still give it a go!Que sera sera!!!