Friday, July 21, 2006

Heatwave Update!

Well as the weather heated up my knitting slowed down. I've half sewed up the Tie Front Shrug but it is too hot to have it sitting on my lap as I sew. The Colinette stash was proudly displayed to the N.B. Knitters on Tuesday and went down well and resulted in the possibility of a little day trip there being planned! (Note to self: start putting money aside now!)
I then decided to try and escape the worst of the heat and visit Mum up in the mountains of Snowdonia and running about in the sea near my Uncles house. Little One came with me and to everyones suprise decided to take a walk in the sea. Up to her neck. She doesn't even like lying down in the bath so what she was thinking I do not know!! Take a look:

I haven't zoomed in on the shot to show you how far out she went. Mum took the photo and was standing at the shoreline and had to zoom the camera in to get that shot!

In the mean time the right hand amended 'Lucky K8'(response to query regarding YO's: I don't think it really matters whether you YO before or after the marker.), now with different lace pattern, has been completed and just needs blocking. I'm sure there's a mistake on the 2nd lace pattern repeat but I was not going to frog this for a 4th time. Besides these are a test pair for myself. I know I'm not going to complain about shoddy knitting on the lace - it's the others that need to be spot on (potential presents).
Current knitting is Metis using the Lasso yarn in Moss (I think). So far the colour is a lovely muted cool green with deep chocolate brown specks that makes me think of 'After Eight mints'. As it's a straighforward pattern it should grow quickly fingers crossed. And in case I can't cope with that there is always the jumper I started in Patons 'Cargo' which feels lovely and soft and knits up on 12mm needles - very quick knit but boreing colour Hessian can't compete with Colinette! Anyway am off to knit and relax - have not one but two days in work to come and a friends 30th birthday party as well this weekend so will be worn out no doubt. At least will have Little One as a suitable reason for going home early from the party as she's joining us! Will either be fun or a nighmare - wish me luck!


Artis-Anne said...

I still can't beleive how Emily just marched up to her neck in the sea , maybe it was just so cool in that heat. Roll on next week when you come down for your hols. Keep on nitin !!! Love you Mum xx

Kath said...

Is that Ghetto speak - nitin with the homeboys? LOL!