Saturday, July 08, 2006

Off on Knitting Safari!

I'll probably not be posting until Wednesday as I'm off to visit Mum tomorrow for a knitting weekend sans Emily (yeah for peace and quiet but I will miss her!).Hopefully I'll have loads to report back about as we're off to visit Colinette as a treat for ourselves. I somehow don't think it will be a treat for our bank managers!
Then back home on Tuesday and straight out to New Brighton Knitters (there must be a quicker way of saying that!) to show off our wares (if I've been naughty and spent more money) and give my field report. Well, I may not have been to WoolFest this year but I think I'm having a crafty enough time so far!

Oh yes, I bought more yarn in work (must put sign up saying 'do not serve this woman'!). 500g Patons 'Washed Haze' called Marshmallow Spray. I was going to say Bagpuss colours but marshmallows works as well. Typically now that the subject of marshmallows has been brought up I really fancy some - think I'll go and have my tea instead!

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