Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Royal Mail Sucks!

Talk about 'Snail Mail'! I am not amused at the moment with the post for a number of reasons.
Firstly I won some sock dpns on e-bay and my Mum won some the very next day. Now, admittedly they are coming from Hong Kong but her's arrived last Thursday or Friday and I'm still waiting for mine despite the fact that mine were posted first (according to the e-mails we both received).
Secondly I'm waiting on a copy of Fall Interweave Knits that was posted on the 17th July according to their account system on their site. How long should this take to get here from the States?
Thirdly, and this is annoying, I really ought to give up on this ever getting here. I bought a copy of Rebecca Baby Special (the one with the doll pattern) and have been waiting for over 2 months. The seller in question is supposed to be chasing this up for me but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for a response.
I know the post is bad and things get lost all the time but at the moment I'm getting seriously annoyed that it seems to be eating all my knitting related goodies! It is too hot to be patient to wait for post to arrive especially when I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on them!

Anyway rant over for now. I came home from the Knit and Knatter with my arms full of copies of Vogue Knitting to borrow, 'Exciting Patchwork Knitting' by Horst Schulz and two drop spindles and some Merino rovings to practice with. Oh, and 'A Handspindle Treasury' to help get us started. I'm sure once Mum reads this she won't be able to wait until my Holiday starts and I arrive at hers with all these goodies!

Metis is still growing well. The armhole shaping has now been done and is progressing nicely. It was well admired last night both with the colours and the drape of the fabric, which I must say is nice and light and ideal for this weather.

Here's a detail of how the colour is knitting up - like I'm sure I've already said it's a pastel Camouflage that reminds me of After Eight Mints!

Here we have 'K8' - I've given up the lucky part cos it's not for me! Hopefully you should be able to see the newly improved thumb section that is the right shape this time! Obviously this shot is pre-blocking.

Here we have it half sewn up. I stress the half sewn up point as it really is too wide for my hand and I'm not sure what to do. I did consider felting the mitt but the thumb section fits well and had visions of the thumb becoming impossible small so hurriedly yanked the mitt out of its hot bath before I really got started with the felting.

Not sure if you can really tell but there is about at least an inch too much fabric for my little hands and the rib is too big as well. I got my babysitter/mate to try the mitt on last night and the size is OK with her so it is probably just me. So... do I make them in the size specified in the pattern or try it on a few more people to get and average idea of if it's too big or just right? The trouble is that this is a possibility for presents so I can't really ask the intended victims, I mean recipients if they fit or not.


Artis-Anne said...

Oh hunny I am sorry that things seem to be getting lost in the post lately , hopefully they will ALL arrive tomorrow look forward to our time togther . do you think the lads will cope LOL
Mum xx

Alice said...

I like the colours of that Metis (what is Metis?) but After Eight Mints must be a weird colour where you live!

I would try the mitten on everyone I know and then consider the evidence. Or look at the victims' (ha!) hands carefully when you see them next. I still love the colours of that yarn.

Hope your post improves - how frustrating.

Kath said...

Sorry 'Metis' is the name of the pattern. The yarn is Colinette Lasso and I think it's just the mint colour and the dark chocolate brown that makes me think of the mints and the dark green the packaging!

Alice said...

Aaah! On my monitor it initially looks pink and brown. Now I've looked more closely I can see the green bits and it makes sense. But now I need an After Eight Mint.