Wednesday, July 05, 2006

To Dye For!

Well the visit to join New Brighton Knitters was as enjoyable as last week and is reasuring to find people as obsessed as Mum and I are about knitting. Mum sent me a challenge to find out what dyes Chris (the multi-talented rug lady) uses with her wools. Thankfully I remembered to ask and Chris remembered what they were: 'Easy-peasy' she said; 'Okay' says I 'what are they?'; 'Easy-Peasy' Ah! And just look at the site, they do sound as simple and easy to use as she said and quite within my realms of ability. Which at the moment is not saying very much at all.

The tie front shrug is a bit of a disaster zone lately. I can't thing of another simple project I've done that I've made so many mistakes on. I've just had to rip back the sleeve as I'd misread the pattern and was 2 increases short. It's not as if there's a compicated lace pattern to follow or anything like that it's just jinxed. Or I could have been nattering too much and not reading the pattern enough. It's just nice to finally feel part of the wider knitting community and share ideas and thoughts. Chris and I must surf the same sites as both weeks she's mentioned a free pattern and I've known which one it was. One of the other ladies asked if surfing the net was all we did! After the past few days I've had it is nice to have this group to focus on and draw my attention away from worries and onto more important issues like Cashmere!

I received my free sample from ColourMartUK of various weights of mainly 100% cashmere yarn. The only one that wasn't was 50% cashmere, 50% merino wool. So I've spend a large part of the day knitting up my samples, most of them on the finest needles it feels like knitting with tooth picks! And once they've been washed to clean the oil off them - Wow! Such soft caressable swatches!

Anyway either tomorrow or Friday I'll be visiting another local craft exhibition called 'Made in Wirral'. It's been really badly advertised and even the website from the leaflet has no details which is really bad. I'd forgotten all about it even though I'd read the details at last weeks craft exhibiton and it was only when Chris reminded us all last night that I remembered. Of course she'll be there with her Spinning group but there are also quilters, embroiderers and book makers so will be an interesting trip. I might just go there by train to try and amuse Emily.

Anyway this is not finishing my sleeve - it is too hot to knit really, but must at least appear to make an effort. Besides it should be finished by next weeks knit in!

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