Friday, July 28, 2006

Things that distract you...

At the moment I should be trying to get everything ready as we're off on Holiday on Monday. I've a pile of washing to do and there is a nagging thought of something I could try, something that is not at all constructive towards getting me nearer to being ready for Monday.

This is where we're heading, well, up in those mountains in the background!

I've been thinking about K8. Well, thinking about felting K8. I know I have my worries as to if the thumb section will still fit after felting but a thought came to me as I was trying to sleep - what if I inserted a mould into the thumb section to try and retain the shape somewhat? How about a cork? It's roughly thumb shape and won't be affected too much by the felting process.
So, in amongst the jeans I'm hoping we won't need for our holiday will be a lacy fingerless mitten that I certainly do not need for the next couple of weeks!

The other difficult decision of what knitting to pack has already been made. In fact this decision was made before everything else! Obviously the current main WIP Metis (colinette Lasso yarn) will have to come. I'm on the front now and plodding on nicely. The other project, just in case I finish Metis, is a very boring Patons Cargo jumper that I've already started. Very simple, very plain in monotonous Hessian shade and very quick to knit on 12mm needles. It's just dull after the Colinette yarns! Take a look at Artis-Anne as I think she has progress shots of hers. Typically Mum and I share the same tastes in patterns and yarns so we usually end up both doing the same projects often in the same colours as well!
Anyway it will be nice to spend some time with her for the next week or so even if we're just using her house as just a base as if it was a B&B (I will add it would have to be the best B&B around!).

If I have time I may report later regarding the fate of K8. If not things will be a little quiet for a week to 10 days (we haven't really decided how long we're staying either!) but hopefully Mum may have 'dragged' me to Colinette during that time!!

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acrylik said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday. I like your idea of experimenting with K8 - it's always good to experiment! Hope it turns out as you would like it.