Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wish you were there?

Been surfing the net and reading about peoples visits to Woolfest. I really wish I could have gone but try reading these reports to wet your appetite! Woolly Wormhead; Susool, GourdonGirl, Acrylik and Knit-Tigger.I could list loads more but have a search through the UKnitters Webring links in the side bar. When you read their blogs and hear how much fun it sounded it makes me all the more determined to visit next year, dragging Mum with me (probably with very little need for persuasion!). And the more I think about it the more fun it seems.
As Mum has a camper van her hubby can drive up and stay on a site with the dogs along with my hubby and daughter in a tent whilst Mum and I shop our hearts out buying yarn, stroking sheep and hopefully investing in drop spindles and fleece to spin ourselves!! (After someone shows us how!). I'm sure there will be something for the boys and little one to do! Anyway I'm probably getting carried away thinking about it all. But fingers crossed we'll be there next year!


craftydramaqueen said...

Thanks for looking into my problem shrug! I totally love the Bergere de France jacket you've knit. Woolfest was brill, you'll have to go next year!

ra said...

ooh yeah get up there girl, you know it makes sense.