Thursday, July 13, 2006

Don't you just hate...

... it when you start a new project, eager to see how it grows, see how the colours look (you realise I'm talking about the Colinette Stash now?) and then get only 5 rows into the pattern and hit a problem? The problem is Artemis and the lace pattern - the problem is only on the 3rd row of the lace pattern. Call me impatient and stubborn but I really do not want to have to frog the whole lot, cast on another 85 stitches and start all over again. All I want to be doing is knitting this vest in a progressive way - ie with it growing not shrinking.
It is my nightmare Lacy Jumper all over again. I started that 5 times and hated the entire thing whilst I was knitting it as you can see in my etribe archives if anyone really wants to read of my struggle knitting the beast. And the sleeves need unpicking and knitting a bit longer - even if it does have dropped sleeves the are no way long enough for me (and I'm not hugely long in the arm department). The pattern can be found here if anyone wants to try it and tell me that it is in fact quite easy!
I'm just tired and really want to be knitting but not if it is going to be a nightmare that will make me want to fling the thing across the room. I don't want to hate this top, the yarn is a treat for myself from my trip. I can't really afford it but it was supposed to be a special luxury and I don't want it spoilt by silly mistakes in lace patterns. It may have to be shelved for a bit until I'm in a better frame of mind to deal with the complexities of knitting lace along with the complexities of life.
Sod it - it's going to be frogged and I'm walking away. I don't want to play anymore.

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