Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Technicolour World of Colinette

Oh My God!! It was just so amazing! Mum and I were so excited by the whole thing. The shop is an explosion of colour and you just don't know where to start. Until you find out where the Sale area is. Then, after grabbing a basket you start grabbing things wildly! Well at least I did!
Here you can see one of the baskets of odd yarns - there was the most beautiful skein of 'Enigma' in dark green with flashes of red which I really wanted and even now looking at the pictures I can see things I love and want. Not being rich this causes problems!

On Mum's blog you can see some of the shelves and the cones on top of them. These were great - from about 50p you could have little bits of all sorts of things and the colours just seemed to jump out at me, begging to be put in my basket. We spent 3 hours deciding what to buy and I still don't think I really saw everything. Up until the last hour I was still wandering round in a daze picking up cones in luscious colours which I had no clue what I would do with but the colours were calling to me like Sirens on the rocks. This photo shows my already thinned out decision pile. Four of the skeins of 'Lasso' were abandoned, along with three of the cones (why? I know now what the mohair would have been great for!) and the skein of Mohair and 'Wigwam'.
In the end I discovered 'Lasso' and the pattern book 'Muse' and then started to think big - as in garments and not just colours for the stash. Firstly there are two skeins of 'Lasso' in Morocco colourway to make 'Artemis' vest and then four skeins of Moss colourway to make 'Metis' jumper.
Here I am, still grinning madly clutching my new Colinette goodies.
Even now my head is still filled with the colours and thoughts of what to do with them all; thinking of cones left behind and wishing they were here with me. There is only one solution to all of this - as Arnie would say "I'll be back!"
For the mean time though I want to get back to my knitting. So far I've been flying through things - the tie front shrug is complete but needs sewing up; I started and finished the Anthologie inspired Capelet from Craftster on Sunday night (I was up to 1am finishing off!) and am now halfway through the shaped ribbon tee which again is from Craftster. See, the sooner I finish these, the sooner I can play with my Colinette Goodies! BTW I'll give a full run down of the Goodies tomorrow hopefully with pictures!
Anyway, Back to the knitting!


Piglottie said...

Delicious haul! Lucky you getting to go to Colinette. I would love to go but its a bit far - one day though.

(Btw, have posted the details about Alma Schofield on my blog comments for you)

Kath said...

You really must get there - the sale stuff is great and cheaper just because the colours haven't quite dyed as they should. Even so they're fantastic! The do welcome coach parties so get some mates together and visit!

Cherry Rolfe said...

Glad you had a good time! As Colinatte is my 'local' I feel quite protective!! It is a knitters heaven!!!