Monday, July 24, 2006

The Saga of K8!

As I write mitt number 1 (right hand) is drying after being blocked. I would show you a photo but it's on my ironing board which is virtually the same colour as the mitt. To be honest I'm glad it's only a test run as I think it's going to be far too big. Admittedly I haven't got the largest hands in the world but the mitt looks large - too long and too broad. I suspect I'm going to have to downsize it somewhat and rewrite the pattern a bit more for my needs. It would be simpler if the pattern worked the first time round but at least it's a good thing to learn and practice on before trying to design things from scratch (not that I'm really anywhere near that yet).
Been having a few quiet moments watching TV and knitting in the last few days and have come across a few knitting references. Firstly in 'Lost in Translation' Scarlett Johansson's character was knitting (or at least holding knitting - and it wasn't Noro which it should have been if it was set in Japan surely!). Then today I was watching 'Little Women' and Jo was complaining saying about sitting 'knitting like a pokey old woman' - it made me laugh as I was knitting at the time and do not see myself as being an old woman at just 30!
Metis is growing well and is virtually at the point of doing armhole decreases, but then it is plain and simple and it really is the colours of the yarn that make the statement in that garment. Lasso is being really nice to knit with as long as you don't have any snags in your finger nails that will catch on the yarn. The colourway itself is coming out as more of a mint toned camouflage which I thing I like - it is always so hard with the Colinette yarns to tell how they will knit up compared to the skeins.
Anyway I'm off to get on with Metis and see if I can finish the back tonight. I promise I will post picture soon! It looks too dull without them!

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Artis-Anne said...

Do you think if you used a DK weight it would be better as that one was 4ply wasn't it ? Glad you had a good knitting day , I didn't LOL Told you Lasso snags didn't I ? just hope it wears okay. Do love the colours though