Friday, June 30, 2006

Extreme Knitting.

I went to one of my local yarn shops today to see their exibition called as the title suggests 'Extreme Knitting'. The work was done by a lady called Rachel John and was really lovely colourfull pieces, mainly rugs, all knitted on really large needles - now where had I come across that before? Well, the lady who had made the rug I saw on Tuesday was the one who'd told me about the exibition (I really need to learn some names!). The pictures are from postcards of some of the work which were made with up to 100 strands - the weight of them whilst knitting must have been so hard to work with but the finished effect seems worth the effort with the wonderful blending of colours and dense fabric produced. Some of the needles she had on sale were huge and seemed even longer tahn a metre. I may be mistaken as I had Emily with me and she was drawn to the stairs so I couldn't really study them in detail. Talking of which, Emily did seem to enjoy looking at all the yarns and was attracted to all the lovely bright novelty Italian yarns - she does have taste my little angel; expensive taste!

Mum and I are currently toying with going more upmarket with our yarn shopping and have started eyeing up cashmere yarns with the view to making a lacy shawl. If your not convinced take a look at this lace shawl as an example - isn't it fantastic! Definately heirloom knitting! I have so many projects that need finishing before I even start thinking of buying yarn for new projects! I am, theoretically, supposed to be using up my yarn stash! The answer must be - knit faster, surf the web less! The trouble is I've been reading too many other blogs lately and get inspired by some of the wonderful projects I've seen out there. And I certainly don't need to visit Craftster for a while seeing as my last visit there gave me at least 5 new 'must knit' projects (must find 1 and 1/2 balls Rowan Polar cheap somewhere for one - I'd compromise but Polar feels so nice!). However there is a mjor threat to the stash-busting on the horizon. I'm going to visit my Mum next week end. And we're planning a little trip. To Colinette. To look at yarn - just look? Could that ever be possible at Colinette? Look out bank balance! And then when I get home it will be straight to meet the other knitters to confess my yarn-aholic sins! What fun!! Anyway, am going back to try and finish my latest WIP - current status is a completed back and almost done right front. On with the knit!!


Yer Ma !! said...

Well Hunni I am proud of you setting up this Blog site and keeping regular postings; puts me to shame !! He He it also means I know what you get up to ,,as if I didn't already. Love you
Mum xx
PS Does Barry know who/what Colinette is yet ?

Kath said...

No - I've decided not to tell him yet about Colinette. He'll just have to find out after!