Monday, June 26, 2006

Finished object to show off.

Well I've been busy this week what with finishing my curtains at last and finally finishing Emily's Bergere de France jacket, scarf and legwarmers (all save for putting the buttons on which I have to raid Mum's button box for!). The jacket has turned out lovely and I'm really pleased with it. The yarn has knitted up really nicely and is lovely and dense and soft which should be great for when the weather turns cold. I can't wait until Emily fits into it!

Talking of waiting for Emily to fit into something one of my other Finished Objects today is really an old one and actually my first knitted item of clothing. I decided when I was expecting little one that I'd like to knit her something. So, as well as a knitted patchwork blanket, I decided to try amd make a little hooded jacket. I say 'try' as I was 'learning' to knit again for the 4th time after forgetting how to. There was actually a jumper that I'd started the last time I was taught to knit and the poor thing sat round for almost 9 years waiting to be completed in which time I forgot how to knit! Anyway, back to the jacket. As I wasn't sure how long this would take me to knit I decided to knit it in the 12 month size. And then proceeded to finish it before Emily was born. And after sitting in a drawer for over a year it now fits her and I was so proud and pleased to see her wearing something I'd lovingly made for her, mistakes and all (obvious when you know where to look!). So here she is modeling it.

The curtains have made such a difference to our bedroom - it finally looks like a real room now compaired to having blinds and I've slept so much deeper and better since they were put up. I'd have never have thought that simply having blackout lining and a darker room would improve my sleep this much! And sadly I've been really excited about them - opening and closing the curtains has become an enjoyable event!
Anyway tomorrow should have some proper excitement - I am finally going to go to my first ever knitting group. There are actually 2 groups that meet nearby but this lot, The New Brighton Knitters, meet every week compaired to the others who meet in a local yarn shop on a monthly basis. So I'll have to now decide what new project to start - do I want something complicated to show off or something simple so I can knit and natter. And as my Mum pointed out - what knitted item would I wear? Ah well I shall update you later as to how it went and what project got picked out of the following short list: Tie front shrug; Odessa hat; lace capelet; ribbon tee; cotton vest top; and I could go on. I know the tie front shrug should be the simplest, other than Odessa from Grumperina the others I'm sure will need tweaking and concentration. I think the decision has been made really but I know I want to make the others as well. Simplicity should win I suppose. Anyway it's late and my new curtains are calling to be closed!

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ra said...

oh I LOVE that pattern it's such a beautiful little coat. Tres chic n'est pas? You'rs looks lovely too, I bet it looks fabulous on.