Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Curse AOL

Signed on the internet yesterday and discovered that AOL had decided to loose all our favourites. The trouble is that I'd remebered sites that I'd found during some of my web-wandering sessions and have I any idea of where I found them all? Not a clue! Half of these blogs and sites I find are purely by chance and even 5 minutes after I've arrived there I couldn't tell you how I got there! I'm just hopeing I can get them all back as I can't even remember what has been lost.
Talking of which I've had another unproductive knitting evening due to 'Lost' - I just can't keep knitting and watching (at least not without making serious mistakes!). I'm still plowing my way through making my curtains - Okay it looks nice to have two windows in our bedroom but I guess it's like second sock syndrome except it's second curtain syndrome! Plus Emily , my little 1 year old gets too fond of the things I use such as knitting stuff and so I can't really use the sewing machine in front of her without getting her desperate to have a go herself!
I must admit, getting back to the knitting theme, there's one thing I'd love to do this month : WoolFest I do think however that my bank balance just would not survive it! Next year definately! And I'll drag Mum too so I don't feel aas if it's only me going mad with it all! Anyway later this Summer Mum and I have another trip planned to visit Colinette! She worked it out the other week that it's not actually that far to go from her house, only about 2 hours at the most. I can not wait! Just imagine all those colours! Must definately save my pennies for that!
Talking of colours whilst browsing through blogs (Hi Knit-Tigger!) I found this: KoolAidUK So now Kool Aid dyeing won't just be limited to you lot in the States! Will be trying that whilst the weather's nice!
Anyway, talking of nice weather and light nights I'll get back to my curtain making so we can have a nice dark bedroom!

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