Friday, August 04, 2006

What do you do on holiday?

I have spent the large part of the day playing with blogger, changing the fonts to every colour under the sun and attempting to create an individual and attractive blog. Not only have I been attempting this on my site I've been also sorting Mum's as well. My head is well and truly befuddled. We were both bored with the spots and decided to change only to find that we couldn't really get what we wanted. The ideal template was a black background but we found that this was hard to read for some and so in order not to alienate readers we changed again and are not quite satisfied so far so beware change may be ahead!!
We're planning to go camping tomorrow night with little one and we're not sure if this is wise or not - both with little one only being 14 getting on 15 months and the fact that it may piss it down all weekend! Both my DH and Mum's DH chimed up simultaneously: "It might be nice tomorrow!" Comes of them both being Bootle Boys! Anyway I will upload photos soon and show off the scenery but for now I will leave you with the tantalizing news that I've found the warehouse of the 'Wool Producers of Wales' - three bags full please? LOL!


Kendra said...

I like the colours you've chosen. Very relaxing and easy on the eye. I hope you have fun camping and that the weather holds for you!

sarah said...

I am trying to get blogrolling as you suggested, only prob is now I've signed up I don't know where to go now! I really am a novice on the computer.
Your blog looks very professional, and I appreciate the black on white. Loved the look of your Mums white on black, just couldn't read it!