Thursday, August 10, 2006

Colinette Haul!

Now granted that all my purchases, apart from the pattern book, are from the Sale Room do you really think I could get all that for £10? Of course not. I failed miserably when I got pigheaded and decided that I wanted a garment as well. The thing is that despite it being a gloriously warm and sunny day in mid-Wales I was thinking about those dark days ahead and Christmas presents. Which is why I rebelled and wanted something for me, me, me! This is the 2 hanks of Giotto which are destined to become a summery vest top. The others are all destined to become hats and mitts for me to fall in love with and not want to part with! Oh and bright eyed readers might have noticed that I have bought another cone, this time DK weight, but that it's the same colour as one of the others I bought last time. Did I notice? Did I hear my Mum telling me? No, not at all. Emily, by the way, loved it all. she was delving her hands in the bargain bins and when she was let out of her buggy, ran round burying her face in the yarns and dragging them all off the shelves laughing madly - isn't that what we all really want to do deep down!

And I've started already on knitting these up:

Meet Madge and isn't she pretty? I felt as if there was some sort of harmony whilst knitting this pattern (based on a Japanese Lace pattern) as we were sat watching a Kurosawa film, with me missing half thesubtitless as I read the pattern!

Metis has been completed and taken for a test drive. Her she is in action. I love the shape of the sleeves and the feel of the jumper - so light and soft (but keep away from snaggy things!) but she rides up like a mad thing! I'm forever pulling it down so next time I'd certainly add an extra couple of inches to hide my belly a bit more!

And as promised here is the picture of my other holiday wool purchase:
Again, it's destined to become a hat (are you detecting a trend?) and will probably become
Odessa which at least everyone seems to have knitted up at some point!


Cherry Rolfe said...

Good Shop!! Would never have guessed that £12 wasn't enough!!!!
I always have to resist the urge to bury my face in all the yarn and dig down to the bottom of the bargain bins like a dog digging up a best beloved bone!!!

acrylik said...

Love the stash :) Madge is a very pretty pattern and will look lovely in the colours you have chosen for it.

Kath said...

We would have gotten a photo of Emily cuddling the yarns but we were terrified she'd wreck the shop!