Monday, August 07, 2006

Awyr Dydd Sadwrn (or Saturday Sky)

Well what a lovely weekend we've had! As you may have read on Mums blog we went camping to Aberdaron on the Llyn Peninsular and, despite the rainy start, the weather was lovely - warm and sunny, perfect for a little holiday within a holiday! The red circle(!) marks where we were. It is such a fantastic location with great views and close to a lovely beach.
Take a look at this for a sunset:

And of course we did sit and knit well into the night!

It was a rather cozy night as DH and I shared the tent with DD who cuddled up to us as we slept fitfully, wary of squashing little one. We all did sleep well eventually once we were used to the set up. In the middle of the night amid all the darkness Emily woke up and said: "Flower... Dog... Plane... Mama... Dada..." and when she had no response other than 'Sshh' and 'Sleepy, sleepy time' she added "Oh dear" and went back to sleep! And thankfully she did manage to sleep through until about 8am. At least it was light then!

All in all it's been a really lovely time. The rest of the week has been spent at various beaches and has been lovely and relaxing. We've a few more days at Mum's before we go home and tomorrow we have an expedition to Colinette! I have set myself the challenge of a strict budget and will see just how much I can get for.. wait for it... a maximum of £12!!! I know it will be very hard to do this but my budget will not really allow for anymore and I do have a huge mountain of yarn already to use up on dozens of projects and I still haven't used up all of the previous Colinette stash but how can you say no to a trip to Colinette?


Alice said...

Yep, I can relate to that budget! You will find something.

Your holiday sounds just the ticket. I think I need one. Charlie has never been on holiday and keeps asking for the seaside. We're planning to take him soon. Your little one sounds so cute!

Enjoy the rest of your stay.

acrylik said...

Sounds like you've had a lovely holiday. Have a great time at Colinette - hopefully there will be plenty of bargains to choose from :)

scarletprincess said...

I absolutely adore Colinette and have been to the mill once. I like their 'mis-dyes' room.... oh the bargains to be had!