Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ooopps, I've done it again!

As you may know if you've been reading Artis-Anne I've been to the Colinette Millshop Yet Again!! Some of the girls / ladies from my knitting group were going and I was invited. Tempted as I was I said No - no money and would have the baby with me (not fair to the girls to have Emily running round and whinging ruining their trip out!). I thought how strong willed I was being!!
Then my Mother-in-law (Hi Lil!), also a keen knitter, mentioned she was going to visit Colinette. My DH then said Why don't I go with her? He'd give me money to spend! What would you say?

So of course I went - it would have been rude to refuse the kind offer of yarn money my DH offered. And when we arrived who did we see coming out as we were going in but my Knitting Group! Who, after Emily had smiled her best smile and flirted, said that they wouldn't have minded Emily joining them on their trip. Well at least I know for next time!!
Emily enjoyed herself again - running round looking at (and cuddling) all the yarn and pulling them all off the shelves again. She seems to have a preference for the bright colours and 'Point 5' and other woolly yarns. I at least had a shopping list this time so knew what I wanted and did actually stick to my list.
Firstly a hank of Tagliatelle for a top for Emily:

The colour is great and will go with lots of things Emily already has including her Hippy Purple cords!
Nextly I wanted 3 hanks of 'Giotto' in a golden colourway for a moss-stitch vest top from Femme Fatale, the name of which I've forgotten. I very nearly got some which were curry coloured with flashes of rich green but then realised how much of the yarn I've bought lately has been green. I had fancied a colourway with more colors in it - I think it must have been 'Pharaoh' but being on a Sale Room budget I struggled to find 3 that I liked and that matched well enough. Then Emily found one for me, sounds daft but she pulled out a hank and I liked the colour so I've ended up with a golden curry colour.
Lastly I knew I wanted another hank of 'One Zero' for Christmas Present Hats and found one that will match someone's scarf I made last year - problem solved. Then I found a lovely hank of 'Skye' that bellowed Autumn which had to be rehomed to my stash and will probably be a hat for me!!

Not long after I got home Mum arrived for a little visit, a visit that solved by Baby-sitter problem for my Knitting Night. Mum would join me and her DH would do the honours and mind Emily (no problem really as she's a good little sleeper). Oh and Mum arrived bearing goodies - namely some luscious laceweight 100% wool yarn in the richest flamey colours (I had read of them being described as 'Molten Lava' which is very apt) for my very own Ella! Thank you Mum!!!

And then off to our Knitting Night - Mums first knitting group! I think she enjoyed herself - we've a lovely group in New Brighton, all very friendly and welcoming but I think all the conversations flying all over the place took some time getting used too! It's definately not a group that you can do complicated knitting in! Chris, my multi-talented friend did a quick spinning demo for us after we told her how little luck we'd had with it. She took one look at our attempts and said we'd been on the right track all along! We'd mistakenly thought that the yarn automatically wound itself onto the spindle. So we've been talked into trying it again and she's loaned us the spindles for longer!
Now a quick update on FO's - the Giotto vest top has been completed and Emily's vest top has been whizzed through - started Monday night and finished Wednesday (could have been quicker if we hadn't had such a busy few days!) I will update you with photos soon with a FO Festival but really want to get back to the current WIP - the 'Tank Girl' top from the 1st Stitch 'n' Bitch book - the back is very nearly done so I can hopefully present a feast of FO's soon enough!


acrylik said...

Lucky you getting to go to Colinette again :D I think you were very restrained though!

I love the yarn your mum brought for you, those colours are amazing.

Artis-Anne said...

Hope you can start your Ella soon ; done some more on mine which is the same shade as yours will be and the colours are just so Autumnal At this rate I won't be giving any away !!