Sunday, August 27, 2006

We're having a Food Festival on the Wirral this Bank Holiday Weekend and I had a quick visit today. It was mad busy and not overly pushchair friendly as it was that busy but we still enjoyed ourselves (at least Emily did once we found someone selling ice-cream!). Now I'm not one to really go on about my marvelous baking and am not known to buy everything as green and organic as possible but just look at these:

I got proper mucky carrots and parsnips as well as lovely apples, radishes, chillies, Cumbrian pancetta and some lovely creamy Lancashire Blue cheese.

How about this for a beer tent? I think it looks like Hagrids home out of the Harry Potter films or at the very least a cross between a wizards hat and a wigwam!

And just look at what Emily was bedecked in today:

And I was wearing my Giotto vest top:

I'll be back with more knitting news after I finish rushing round for the Bank Holiday!!


Artis-Anne said...

Oh that top looks so cute on Emily, whata poser she is LOL Hope you enjoy all your food goodies

gourdongirl said...

These veg so much more healthy than what you buy in the supermarket!

I love the Colinette tops for mum and daughter!

Alice said...

I always like the opportunity to visit a nice beer tent.

Emily looks cool in her top. I suppose she's not yet old enough to object to wearing hand-knitted clothes (we've got that to come!).

I love that Molten Lava yarn, by the way. Won't your Ella be stunning!

acrylik said...

Mmmm, I love creamy Lancashire cheese - and creamy Lancy blue sounds divine!

Emily looks adorable in her little top.