Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blogger is being daft.

Well you may or may not be able to read this. I myself am having problems accessing my own site as I keep getting kicked off the internet when I'm on. Please bear with me and I'll try to fix the problem if the same is happening to you. I know my Mum can't read the site either. If you can read this then ignore this post, if you can't then there really wasn't much good in posting this then was there? I can but try and see what works! Oh and for some reason all my links etc seem to be right down the page now if you're trying to find those!


EGJ said...

Looks fine to me (but then this is probably outdated). Just one dead picture down between the uk knitters ring and the Knitters in Europe. (Dead images being a pet-peeve of mine - we all need some of those...)

Cherry Rolfe said...

Reading you loud and clear. A couple of times I have made changes and got a blank screen after publishing. If I resave the same template and republish again it then works. Sheesh!!!! Why does it have to be so tricky!!!

Anonymous said...

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