Friday, March 09, 2007

Finally Some FO's!

Well I did say I'd have some FO's to show you soon but I've been a bit slow to photo them plus there's been a few dark and gloomy days that make for poor pics. So, determined to keep up my 'better pics' policy I waited for the right conditions.
So to start we have the completed Twillies Freedom Spirit vest top.

I made it longer than the pattern said to because I wanted to try and cover my belly and avoid sneak peaks of it and so bought an extra ball of yarn . . . which was never needed as the yardage of Spirit is great. These balls just seemed to keep on going and I've still a fair bit of the 4th ball left over! The colours are fairly accurate - lovely subtle stripes blending throughout the fabric and I really love them all - so autumnal, earthy and woodsy (if you know what I mean!). So I give the yarn a resounding thumbs up and it's warm and squishy soft too!

Number 2 on the FO parade is a quick little instant gratification knit from the 'Knitting Pattern a Day' desk calendar from sometime in August (OK - I peeked!). Can you tell what it is yet?Of course it's just what we all need and want - a felted vase! My Dad was here when it came out of the washing machine and was put to dry on the radiator (filled with a bag of dried beans and rice to keep the shape) and was heard to comment 'So it's not water tight then.' I had told him I was making a vase so I guess I'd filled his head with traditional vase thoughts! I meant to take a photo of the insides before I felted it as this was also my first dabble in colour work. Those greeny bits are supposed to be a check pattern but they don't show clearly due to my poor choice in contrast yarn but the reverse of the work did look neat which was good seeing as it was late and I was kind of making it up as I went so no 'official' techniques were used!

Next onto the fibre front. My dyes have been burning a hole in my pocket as it were waiting for a suitable pan to dye in. I gave up after a bit and tried some Cotswold curls in the microwave with unsatisfactory results - the colours just didn't want to blend this way. Anyway, after a trip to Ikea (resulting in a big 5l pan for £10 - my max dye pan budget), the dyeing was back on. I'm pleased with the results as well. The fleece that had been microwaved ended up with black, green and yellow bits surrounded by parts that hadn't taken any dye so this was overdyed greeny yellow to give the below results which are quite a true representation of the zingy sap green.

There was still a bit of green dye in the pan after taking the first lot out so another load went in after having a quick vinegar/water soak with a dose of blue dye which produced this icy green/blue which isn't as pale in reality. Also in there I dunked a small skein of wool/silk mix from a giant cone that I thought would work well with the curls for my next spinning project of boucle yarn (to copy Mum!).

You can really see the difference between the yarn and the fleece and it almost seems hard to believe they were in the same dye pot!

Also in this shot is my current bobbin of spun stuff this time some beautiful Jacob fleece from Sandie at Yorkshire Woollybacks This is such a lovely soft fleece which I'm spinning without carding and having just given it a little wash but it really wasn't that dirty at all. Fellow spinners I heartily recommend her fleeces - she really looks after her sheep and their coats and it show in their fleeces. I've also had one of her Suffolk shearling fleeces (baby sheeps first haircut!) which was also very clean and beautifully soft and is being saved for a project for Emily from Interweave Knits latest issue but I need to calculate yardage etc before I let you all in on that one!

Finally some silliness also taken from Mum. I'm:

Kinetic Artificial Technician Hardwired for Efficient Repair, Infiltration and Nocturnal Exploration
Get Your Cyborg Name

And DH? Well of course he's:

Biomechanical Artificial Replicant Responsible for Yelling

Get Your Cyborg Name

And I couldn't miss out little DD:

Electronic Mechanical Individual Limited to Yelling

Get Your Cyborg Name

It's all just a bit of fun after all!


Artis-Anne said...

Oh that is gorgeous Kath :) Doesn't that Cotswold come up nice , to think that is been stored for years and looked so dry but after dyeing it doesn't it soften
LOVE the top and the muted shades , we both love the same sort of colours :)
LOOK forward to seeing you next week

Chris said...

Don't kill me! Don't kill me!!!
Went to Wilkinsons today...
Couldn't quite believe it, never seen it before so had to have one.
Doesn't mention litreage but I reckon similar.
Cool on the dyeing front anywaym it seems we've all been busy bees!
Will you be along on Tuesday?

Chris said...

Oh yeah, and now we're up to 8 BOOKS the library's buying in for me! I'll have to order some more in order to not lose my interlibrary premium. ..But then if they buy them...

Riggwelter said...

That top looks gorgeous, the colours are fantastic really autumny, and your curls are looking good too.

Jo said...

Lovely tank top, looks really nice on! Great spinning and dying...but how are you spinning without carding? I saw someone doing it at Ally Palace last year but when I tried it it turned out Kac!

acrylik said...

The Twilleys tank is gorgeous, I have some Twilleys waiting to be used, so I'm glad to hear such a good review of it.

I absolutely adore your green Cotswold curls - beautiful!

RoxyKnits said...

Love the felted vase - I must get round to making some felted bowls one much to do - so little time!

Damask is lovely. Very earthy rather than shiny if that makes sense. Its taking ages though as on 3.75mm needles but I've finally finished the back now ;)

Kendra said...

The vest is lovely. I really like the colours. The vase is really sweet too.

artyfartykat said...

You've made some beautiful things! I love the vest, I would like to make a longer one too, so pleased to know how far the yarn goes.
The vase is so sweet!

Frankie said...

I can't see your photos on this post for some reason - perhaps Blogger is having a bad day.
Sounds like you've been busy doing lovely things though. I'll come back later and have another look for the piccies.

HPNY Knits said...

I see the photos- they are lovely! I love your hand spun. its very lush.

Craftydramaqueen said...

I'm about to knit the Twilley's tank top too, in the same colour I think! Yours looks fab. I'm going to attempt to knit in the round. Do you think it will work or will it spoil the stripes?