Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lets try again!

Well I'm home after a busy time at Mum's knitting and weaving (results to be posted once completed!). I have re-uploaded my FO photos for my earlier post that was being problematic - I have absolutely no idea why blogger decided to stop showing my photos. They were there for about half a day after I posted them and then nothing so fingers crossed they will stay there this time.
As for the previous post that was just a random shot of some beach debris that Mum and I found on a beach walk that I thought I'd use for a test shot. I had written an explanations for you all but blogger spat that post out so that is about 2nd or 3rd time lucky hence the lack of words!
Normal knitting service hopefully with photos of FO's will return shortly but I may be busy over the weekend as my little bro is moving in to his very first house with his girlfriend so it will be a case of chasing round Ikea for cheap cutlery, plates, glasses, etc before coming home to help shift boxes and stuff for them.
As long as they're better at labeling boxes than I was it will be fine. I got so sick of packing when I moved once that everything was just labeled 'stuff', 'more stuff' and so on including the box with my rock collection in it (it's a geology thing! God help you if you take me to a pebbly beach!).
Anyway I'm waffling - I hope you can all now see my photos. Do please let me know if blogger is naughty again so I can try to fix things. Fingers crossed!!


Artis-Anne said...

I can see them ;-) Lets hope they stay .
So much for you going to have a quiet day tomorrow before you go to work ?
Didn't know you had unpacked everything yet LOL. Only joking !!
The house does seem empty tonight and I just can't settle to anything

Seahorse said...

I can see the pics now. Lovely FOs! Your dyeing is beautiful.

artyfartykat said...

I'm pleased there's someone else who gathers rocks and stones! When we come back from holiday, the car is usually full of pebbles and, to my husbands dismay,big rocks!!
Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to at your mums!! ;)

Christina said...

I can see them now. I too love the hand-dyeing you've been doing. And I must knit myself a nice tank top like that one ;)

TutleyMutley said...

I'm a beach debris gatherer too!

I'm always amazed at how in tune you and your mum are - your comments echo each other eerily on many a blog!

Good luck with all that moving - don't work too hard! I hope your little brother unpacks the kettle first of all!

Dipsy said...

I can see your pics now - such great FOs, how beautiful indeed, and I'm absolutely in awe of your dyeing, you did an awesome job with that!

Alice said...

Fantastic tanktop, and I like it with the outfit. Cool!

I love your dying - you're always doing things I would like to do but am too lazy to! And you do them so well.