Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just a Quick Note....

DH's hat has been taking a looooong time to knit up and I was not enjoying it because it was so tedious and never ending, just how long should it take to knit 9" of plain stocking stitch?
Hubby had asked if the hat would be ready for next week when we'd planned a walk in the countryside as he's off for the week. So I made a major push to finish the hat but it was still taking it's time. Finally it was long enough to get an idea of what size it was (it's done on circular needles).
Well, it should have measured 23" diameter (can't remember if that's the right word or not, but you know what I mean!!) and it was in actual fact.... 33"!!
I could have been knitting a jumper at this rate, no wonder it was so slow growing. So needless to say it's been frogged and has speedily grown today with the correct cast on details and should be done in plenty of time.
I did tell him I'd a lot on my mind at the moment I started the hat!!

And an exciting note about coming home from my knitting evening. I come home through the docks in Birkenhead and so far I've never been caught out by the bridges being open to let ships in or out. Now I actually love seeing this and have been waiting to see this again. Anyway on Tuesday I struck lucky and the bridge was open letting a large ship into the docks. I don't mind the wait and enjoyed myself watching it go through.
Whilst the bridge was lowering down again a thought passed my mind: What if the bridge got stuck?
Of course 5 seconds later the bridge did get stuck. And properly. So eventually I gave up waiting and had another detour home.

Personally I blame Mum - she does after all say she's a Welsh Witch (good of course!) and so her Witchy genes must have passed to me!! So watch out!
Now Mum you do know of course I am joking so no curses please!! LOL!


Alice said...

You are funny (love the bridge story)!

No wonder the hat was taking so long. Funny how sometimes we "know" something isn't as it should be, but we don't realise what it is, and carry on anyway.

artyfartykat said...

Must be something about hats! I think I'll avoid them like the plague in future!!

RoxyKnits said...

Funny how it always the supposedly quick knits that go wrong. I started a hat out of the new Vogue and though I tried twice, gave up in the end. Just didn't work out ;)

acrylik said...

Glad the hat is working out now! No wonder it was taking an age!

I'm always doing things like that with the bridge - got to a point now where I try not to ponder on things in case they happen!

Christina said...

LOL about the hat. There must be something in the air about knitting things the wrong size ;) Are you put off knitting DH another hat???

Artis-Anne said...

LOL what are you like , whos sbig boy then !!
What no swatch ? LOL ,glad you have it sorted now ; guess that's another thing we have in common . Told you , you are turning into me, gawd help you :)