Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Green with Envy???

Well, blogger won't let me put the Woolfest countdown in with a post hence two post today! I do have some goodies to show you as my darling Mum has been very very good to her daughter on her birthday. May I introduce Romeo...

Those of you how read Artis-Anne will probably recognise the yarn as some of Posh Yarn's beautiful cashmere yarn. It is truly yummy and beautifully cuddly. Those people in need of cheering up would do well to consider treating themselves to some of this fantastic yarn - I'm in love!

So much so that with some of my birthday money (such a kind family I have to let me have a mad spending spree!) I bought some more yarn in Posh Yarns Sunday Sale. This time I got some lace weight 45% Cashmere 55% Silk called Emerald Isle.

Boy, is it Greeeeeen! Now I do love green but when I opened the pink parcel (great!!) all you could see was a giant clash of pink and emerald green. There are tones of blue and yellow in amongst it all and I'm sure it will be lovely knitted up.Now, I hope you've noticed I'm making an effort with my photos, making the most of the sunshine and utilising my front garden (I'm sure my neighbours must think I'm mad!). Now it could be said that I have gardeners green fingers, but at the moment it would be more accurate to say I have emerald green hands. Yes, my beautiful cashmere is making me look like I'm an extra from the Wizard of Oz or that I'm slowly turning into the Incredible Hulk! I've washed the yarn gently to see if any excess dye came off but the water remained fairly clear - the green it seems only wants to come off on my hands! Still I'm not complaining as it is just so soft. I have since been told that emerald dye can come off and can, like turquoise, be difficult to fix, hence the green hands!

I will confess that there will be further additions to the stash over the next few days / weeks as the results of my spending spree wing their way to me but other than these and once my birthday money is gone I have decided that I will join the growing numbers of those pledging:

Hence the countdown in the previous post! Now on to some FO's. I finally got DH to stand still long enough to model his hat for you all. He did protest a little wondering why on earth anyone would want to see his hat and trying to make sure I didn't get his face in the photo. He has reluctantly OK'd this photo which will probably be his first and only appearance here! Bless him he does like the hat and has worn it loads during this cold and snowy weather.

I was actually out of the house before the sun was properly up when we had snow here the other week and thought I'd share with you the lovely peaceful snowy sunrise.That by the way is my street.OK, back to the knitting. I don't suppose I should really count a single sock as a FO until the pair is completed so, depending on your point of view here's my latest FO/WIP. At least it's a lovely springtime yellow and will make up for the fact I've no daffodils in bloom yet!Finally I give you a sneak peak of yet another WIP that shouldn't be far off being completed (once I finish the socks which kind of jumped the queue!). I love the autumnal colours and the softness of the yarn, but seeing as I have rambled on for far too long I will leave it at that and tell you more once it is complete! Sorry it's been photo heavy but I've been drowning with Mum's horrible head cold (another birthday present but I won't hold it against her - she did say to avoid her!) and have been putting off posting for a few days until I felt up to it. And Boy, I think I've made up for the delay!

Before I go I really should add that Mum also got me a new knitting book to add to my growing collection - 'Domiknitrix' by Jennifer Stafford. Take a look at her blog to get an idea of the book. There are some nice patterns lurking here and there and some interesting ideas.


Artis-Anne said...

Oh that is green but I think it will look stunning knitted into one of the lace shawls and with your colour hair and Irish blood you could be all set for ' St Paddy's ' day. At least you got some of Poshyarns yarn , I'm still miffed about that !!!
Glad you joined me in the 'no yarn' ; at least I won't be green with envy with you LOL

Kath said...

Everytime I stroke that yarn I go green, I just hope it wears off eventually! I'm prepared to go green just not this way! LOL!

Craftydramaqueen said...

I love the green Posh Yarn. I had my eye on it, but I resisted! Many happy returns.

Alice said...

I am quite envious of your yarn. It's really beautiful.

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope your cold feels better soon. We all have colds here. Hurry up Spring.

By the way, your hat looks very professional!

Chris said...

Love the yarn, but you know me, hope you're feeding your new Alpaca properly! I've just got a virtual Hammy, he was my first official pet whan we moved, I went through 5 hamsters in 2 years but she outlived them all! The hole in the living room curtains is her testament!

Jo said...

Fantastic lively post today Kath, looks like you had a great birthday, brilliant idea about the navaho plying, I just hadn't thought of it, thanks!

Lynne said...

G'day Kath - nice meeting you on my blog. You've been playing with some great stuff there - I think your beaded yarn will look great knitted up, if you ever want to knit it that is. It's giving me Ideas!
Love yoru snowrise picture :-0

Frankie said...

I love your birthday yarn, and the beautiful green. Looking forward to hearing what that's destined for.
Your sock does look very spring-like.

Seahorse said...

Great photos!

I especially love the Emerald yarn.

artyfartykat said...

Happy birthday!
The green yarn looks fab, shame your fingers are turning the same colour, I wonder why?
Love your FOs, well done to you for finishing the dreaded hat!
I must say the pics are very tasteful! I love the snowy sunrise one, it looks so peaceful.
Hope you enjoy Domiknitrix. I just had a flick through Carrie Annes and I need to get one now!! Its fab!( Think thats where my birthday money will go!)
Enjoy spending YOUR birthday money, especially if the yarn diet starts straight after!!

Christina said...

very nice yarn. hope you had a great birthday and get over your cold asap. And nice WIPs too, the sock looks bright and cheery. I'm pinching your no yarn piccie as well, hope you don't mind, cos I desparately need to use up my stash ;)

acrylik said...

Happy Birthday!

Lots of lovely things to see in your post, just love all your new yarns. Good luck on the "no yarn til Woolfest" - glad to have some strength in numbers! We need to be strong :)

I just bought the Domiknitrix book last Thursday and love it, plenty of excellent patterns in there.

RoxyKnits said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Isn't Posh Yarns cashmere yarn just the softest ever.....just makes you want to stroke it ;)