Thursday, October 12, 2006


I too have been Tagged. So, Five ways Feminism has affected my life...

  1. I have been brought up with encouragement to try new things regardless of its traditional gender orientation. I was taught how to sew, cook, clean and do DIY with no implication that these were womens or mens role in life.
  2. I have worked in a male dominated occupation and was the only female in this role at my depo. I was accepted as being good at my job and 'one of the boys'. As a result of this job I was the main bread winner when my Husband and I bought our house and this was not resented by him.
  3. I have had the freedom to raise a family and be a stay at home Mum and not have to conform to having to have a career. I can be a Mum without loosing my independance and freedom ( as much as possible with a 17 month old!)
  4. Despite being a House Wife the cooking and cleaning is not just done by me. These tasks are shared by my DH who also does his share of raising our lovely daughter. This is not done under pressure but accepted as a normal way of living. As it is it falls to me to do the traditional male job of DIY as DH has no real idea of what to do!
  5. Reading other peoples thought on this subject has made me realise just how far feminism has come and how much it has given us - a voice, independance and equality. If only every woman in the world could say that.

Anyway that's getting a bit deep and drifting into deeper waters than I intended. Normal knitting wittering will be resumed as soon as possible but first I should Tag others.... If you want to join in please do, leave a comment and let me know!

I will add this thought for you:

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Not really sure if this is me at all!
I will post again later with some FO's - I'm on the homeward stretch of Ella and will show her off as soon as possible!


alice said...

Good comments! It would be especially easy to forget about #5 and the fact that we're speaking of how feminism has affected us in OUR society. It's good to be reminded.

Frankie said...

Yes, very good points. It's so interesting to read how women of different ages/generations feel they have been affected by feminism.

Artis-Anne said...

So I didn't do THAT bad a job then LOL ; you go girl, Love you xx
Oh must see what needles I am , bet I'm plastic or freebie needles !!