Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oh help the Yarn Monster is loose!

Oh Dear as Emily would say! Oh dear, oh dear my bank balance is in for a bit of a battering.
Having been very good (well sort of good) and not buying lots of yarn lately (I'm not including the fleece I scavenged for a donation as it is not really a yarn yet and it was for charity!) I have just gone and bought some more. And we've a trip to the Colinette Millshop due on either the 18th or 19th of this month! More temptation!

It's not like I need it at all but the Yarn Monster within has said - Must have, must buy! And so I gave in to temptation.

Mum has not set a great example. You may hear tales of me leading her astray but she was first having bought some luscious merino worsted handspun (so nice she's hiding it from me - and no that doesn't mean it will be a Christmas pressie for me! Joking Mum!) and then raved on about the delights of real natural yarns making my red 'Marble' acrylic yarn seem less appealing.
Plus I am at the moment knitting with pure wool lace weight yarn which is superb and soft so I am not unaware of the lure of natural yarns.

So with all this floating round in my head when I saw a bargain pack of Sirdar Salsa (with Merino!!) in work it was of course snapped up. Plus I was kind enough to think of Mum and grab one for her - but I got choice of colours!

And then, having been reading a borrowed copy of 'A Gathering of Lace' by Meg Swansen, which is so lovely and a must have book even if just for looking at at marveling at the work involved in the shawls and items inside, I have been filled with a desire to do more lacework - shawls specifically. And when surfing through e-bay I found lace-weight 100% pure wool from the Ukraine (which sounds a fantastic place that I've wanted to go to for ages) I just had to buy it. And the good thing is it's not any of the colours I always go for it is . . . Violet! Hopefully that will be nice.

Don't you just love International mail? I do! I'm now expecting 2 globe-trotting parcels from the Ukraine as mentioned and Hong Kong as well (more bamboo needles!). I think parcels are exciting enough as it is but foreign ones have the different stamps which for me makes it more exciting!
Anyway I've rambled on long enough and Ella is calling me! 14 days until she needs to be complete and blocked! Better get a knit on!


Mick said...

Have fun at the colinette shop. I'm going on 21st this month. But I've still not decided what to buy yet. No doubt I'll be inspired once I get there :)

Artis-Anne said...

Knitknit, knit , knit or else you can borrow my Ella 2 and you are quite right THAT merino is NOT for you BUT !!!!

Cherry Rolfe said...

Glad to hear you are keeping the faith and stashing for Britain!

Frankie said...

More Ella pictures to look forward to then, and in some lovely Colinette colour no doubt. I'm looking forward to meeting them for the first time at the Ally Pally show this week.

RoxyKnits said...

Enjoy Colinette!! They were at Ally Pally and as usual I had to buy some:)