Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh Yes...

As Cherry pointed out I have forgotted to mention why there is a deadline for Ella. I'm off to a Christening on the 22nd of October and really want Ella to complete my outfit so I really can look like a Yummy Mummy rather than a Slummy Mummy.
I know it really is down to a confidence thing and want to be able to look fabulous in my very own hand made shawl and have envious eyes made at Ella just to make me feel better about myself. And why not!
Anyway this is not getting Ella finished now is it? Back to knitting!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. If I'm wearing one of my Ella shawls and someone compliments me on it, I always get great satisfaction from telling them I made it myself, and pleasure when they tell me how absolutely clever I am (though I always say the REALLY clever one is the one that designed it, to be fair).

Good luck with your deadline.

Cherry Rolfe said...

You always look lovely in the post pics - but I know it is important to 'FEEL' it not just be told it! Rootin' for ya'! Go Girl! Knit - knit like the wind!