Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ella update!

Am very nearly at the point of spliting into the 2 seperate points and so far am feeling confident about the progress. At least I can now watch TV as well as knit this!
Everything else is on hold until Ella is complete and blocked - I've my Knitting Night tonight and I'm sitting here thinking of it as one night less that I can knit Ella as I certainly can't natter whilst knitting this! Back to knitting more of 'Tank Girl' tonight I think even though I'm still not sure about the colour for me. But as someone suggested it can always be a present for someone!
Anyway am off to knit some more!


Anonymous said...

It's such a relief when you get to split the number of stitches in two. The rows go much faster and that seems to help keep the motivation going.

Cherry Rolfe said...

Have I missed something - about the deadline? Is it a pressie or an occasion?? Just being nosey!