Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well I'm having fun with socks right now having completed the Horcrux socks from the Six Socks Knit Along. The pattern has been ammended slightly for the knit-along but the original pattern can be found here. It was a nice simple pattern with only one row where my brain had to work a bit but other than that it was a lovely quick knit that's resulted in really comfy socks. I wore them in work the other day and was really grateful of them as they are lovely and warn which is just as well with the onset of our traditional gloomy (and cold) bank holiday weather.
The yarn was some of my Colinette 4ply cones stash and was knitted up on 2.25mm as it was a bit thinner than the likes of Opal, etc and I wanted a nice thick fabric. Now I know this yarn was from the Mill shop so there was bound to be something wrong with it (it only cost about £1 for about 120g so I can't grumble) and if you look closely in the above photo you may be able to see the colour variation on the left hand (or foot) sock. The heel and foot are definitely less yellowy green and suddenly has pink bits in! But I don't mind they will be in shoes after all and not noticeable unless I wave them about telling everyone!

I was trying to get a good shot of the lace zig-zag on the leg but had no success whilst wearing them and was on the verge of giving up until I had a brainwave.

So here you have it - lace through a glass! I was really enjoying the effect I was getting having the sock on a glass on such a sunny day that I got a bit carried away and you can see more of these shots on my Flickr site. Be warned - you may see more lace socks on glasses in the future!

And no sooner had I cast off those then I cast on for some Baby Jays for Emily so we could be sad and have matching socks!
Now most of the time I was working on these was when she was in bed asleep and I'd forgotten to do any measurements so I'm not really surprised that they are a bit on the big side for her. I knew the toe was OK as I'd tried it on her early on before she'd gone to bed but after that I was basing the measurements on some of her shop bought socks. I'll not do that again then. So, very pretty though it looks above this sock is no more because on top of being too big I hadn't enough yarn to be able to make a matching sock. But at least being toddler socks they don't take long at all to knit up so they shall be reborn hopefully into a size that will be better for little Emily!

Future projects other than take 2 of Baby Jays include Norah Gaughans Lacy Jumper from 'Lace Styles' and a lacy little shrug for Emily seeing as the poor thing doesn't have much knitted for her - fingers crossed she'll wear this!


Janey said...

Lovely socks but my favs are the baby Jay's! I might have to knit some for my little one!

Helen said...

Love the socks and I can't see what is supposed to be 'wrong' with them anyway!

Thanks for the tag! I shall have to have a think as I don't have anything interesting like train driving or paragliding to write about!! :)

Artis-Anne said...

Those socks have turned out great Kath and I love the way you displayed them in the glass very arty :) I am going to give that pattern a go some time !!. Great idea using those cones we bought in Colinette too , such bargaings aern't they ? Ssssh they will all cottton on to them now LOL

woolydoodles said...

what a great idea to use a glass to show the lace!
socks look fab
take care love n hugs mel x

Sarah said...

I love the things you discover with these memes - a train driver eh?

Great shot of the lace on the glass, inspired.

The baby jay was v cute and I hope mark 2 works out.

acrylik said...

Lovely socks, I love the photos through the glass, cool idea!

Mrs J said...

Great socks -perhaps the variations give them an extra 'edge' -I love self striping yarn but always long for it to be a bit 'naughty' & thow a random stripe in!

Kendra said...

The socks are lovely. I like the way they look on the glass. I bet you could make nice tealight holders like that.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

very cute baby jays. And the big socks look lovely too.

Fiberjoy said...

What a clever idea to photo socks on a glass!

I hadn't realized there was a baby jaywalker pattern. Cute!

Thanks for the comment. The irises are grown for commercial purposes both for the cut flowers and the bulbs. It is breath-taking.

Dipsy said...

Your socks look absolutely awesome! The Horcrux ones especially, I'll so have to try this pattern too, and the colorway you were using for it is particularly gorgeous!

EGJ said...

Hi there, Kath, and thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog! There will indeed be a lengthy report when I get back from Scotland next weekend. ;-) I love the idea of photographing lace socks on a glass - very inspired indeed.

Riggwelter said...

Your socks look wonderful, I adore the colour! Collinette yarns are fab (why oh why do I live at the wrong end of Wales).
Taking a photo of the lace through a glass is a fantastic idea, must remember that one.
Little Emily's socks are cute too.