Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In a Rut

There are times when I feel as if I'm in a bit of a rut - whether it be lifestyle-wise chasing round ad infinitum after a lively four year old or creatively. I've certainly had Cast-On Fever or Startitis lately and right now I've more WIP's than I care to think about and some of them are so silly.

Why for instance haven't I finished DD's little aran waistcoat? All that needs doing is picking up stitches for the collar, I'd converted the pattern to knitting in the round so it's not like there's much sewing up to do. I did start picking up stitches but got all in a tangle when going to answer the phone and managed to rip out all the stitches I'd picked up. It was put away in a sulk I'll admit but why I haven't finished it off which is no more than a days work I could not tell you.

And there's another jumper for DD languishing in the WIP pile due to lack of concentration - I went wrong trying to knit this at knitting group and decided to start again but again little has happened with it since. Small jumper, big wool and needles - quick project (theoretically) so what's stopping me?

Poor 'Laminaria' was started last year to take with me on holiday - fat chance that it will be ready for this years holiday in 5 weeks time. It's lovely soft Posh Yarns Cashmere which isn't exactly a hardship so if someone could lend me a brain to work with (Clarabelle shawl queen might be the one!!) then maybe this could get finished. I think this has been sat there because I'm too lazy to start thinking once little Miss has gone to bed.

And I'm half way through another pair of 'Monkeys' and my heart is not in it. I'm on the heel flap for the second sock and I just can't bring myself to knit it. Even though I know I could make short work of it once the heel is done.

Yet I've have managed to spin a small mountain of handspun, much of it Alpaca (there does seem to be a theme!) which is thanks to this new wheel which is a real production wheel - new yarn seems to just fly off it! I did volunteer to represent my guild at North Wales's 'WoodFest' which was great fun and a whole day (10am til 5pm) virtually continually spinning as well as explaining how wool was made to all the kids and answering technical questions from the men. Out of all the people we saw that day (dozens and dozens) only four correctly guessed my spinning fluff as alpaca, one little girl thought the fluff came from 'carpets'. And I'm eagerly waiting to see Winghams stock another suggestion 2 other children had: 'fox'!

I've managed to knit, and finish (until I decided I'd changed my mind and wanted it longer) a handspun version of 'Green Gable' as well as a birthday surprise for a friend, who may or may not read this hence no photos. And I did knit myself a new jumper which I'm happy with as the yarn has been sat there for ages and the project lurking on my Ravelry queue for ages - so some progress with destashing (partially as there's lots left on the cone) and working through my queue.

So right now I think my creative spirit exists for the new items I knit and not the old but soon enough I'm going to really have to bully myself into finishing things off, especially if the worse comes to the worst and I can't get to WoolFest next weekend and the Tour de Fleece looms so these lamented WIP's are really doomed!


Caroline M said...

I had a day spinning in public recently. My favorite comment was from the little boy who was feeling the balls of yarn I gave him. This one is from a sheep, THIS one is from a goat, this one is really soft, what might this be from? He was a smart child who had spotted the farmyard link and proclaimed it to be wool from a pig.

Rip or finish? It's always the big question isn't it?

dreamcatcher said...

Love the suggestions from the kids about the spinning fibre :-D

I just frogged some lace last night as I'd had needle issues (resolved) followed by concentration issues! I must not knit lace while watching TV!

Might see you at Woolfest, we're going on the Friday - will have my Rav badge on (knittyinpink) :-)

Sarah said...

Just go with the flow and do what feels fun - the WIPS will wait if there are other more exciting things to be doing :)

I've signed up for the Tour de France knitalong to finish up some of mine as that seemed like a fun encouragement!

Mrs J said...

Hmm..... This stikes a cord. Mr Greenjeans took 11 months to knit &is still waiting for me to buy 2 buttons & yet my 4'x 4' square camper blankie took just two weeks!Anyway, so what? We knit/ spin/ crochet for pleasure right?

Artis-Anne said...

Ahhhhhhh guess its a case of like mother like daughter here ;) Do what I do, try and stop feeling guilty and remember you are still creating some lovely things. I am green with envy with your latest handspun FO .

Georgina (remote knitter) said...

Lol!!! You are so creative - stop beating yourself up - that's an order!!!!
My Dad used to call me his butterfly, and I always took it as a bad thing - like he was saying I didn't stick at things - now I think he was praising me for having the same talent as you, to be busy, but not boring and cover a lot of ground. (ooh does that sound like I am bigging up me when I would like to big you up!!!) Those things will get finished, when the spirit moves you!!!!!

Linda said...

I often end up frogging stuff that is taking too long or I can't be bothered with! the spinning sounds amazing, lovely yarn you make.

picperfic said...

I really think your Greener Gable is quite the loveliest thing! You have done a fine job!

riggwelter said...

I would go back to it when you feel ready too...a change is as good as a rest and all that.
Have fun at Woolfest and I'll seeing you on the starting line for the TdF!!