Saturday, May 10, 2008

260 Miles and a Whole lot of Fibre!!

Okay, I'm in writing about it but I managed to get to WonderWoolWales (via Mums house and travelling in convoy!!) at the end of April and boy was it Fun!! Needless to say I returned home laden with new fibres and yarns and a head full of ideas from the lovely Prudence Mapstones workshop. The atmosphere was lovely there - so relaxed and plenty of space to wander round in - not as claustrophobic as WoolFest seemed last year.

And as that's nearly a month ago now some of that lovely pile of new yarns and fibres have been played with and knitted up. I've been wanting to knit up a Forest Canopy shawl after seeing one of Joy's lovely creations back at the Ravelers meet-up in Colinette all those months ago! And having acquired some pretty Posh Yarn Lei at WonderWool (shortly before meeting Joy again as it happened!!) it seemed the right time to have a go. And what a great pattern it is! Such a quick and satisfying knit that I can see why Joy has knit up so many and I can see myself knitting more too!

The colours don't really show up well there but they really are more jewel like and similar to oil on water except on a green background (if that makes any sense!!).

And is one shawl ever enough? Never!! I'd dug some Jaeger Alpaca 4ply out of the stash to knit up Norah Gaugan's modular shawl from Vogue Knitting's Winter or Spring issue (can you tell I can't remember which one!!) anyway the details are here. It was a fun knit too and nice to knit modules even if it needed more construction in the end. Plus it tested my crochet skills so all in all a good project and finished in plenty of time for our holiday which is what I intended it for!

Not the best photo but you get the idea! The plan was to possibly dye this a different colour if I ever work out what colour I wanted in the first place but I've actually come to love the creamy neutrality of it - at least I goes with everything!!

Another quick knit (and again fiddly to assemble) was a little something for Emily's birthday. Meet Joanna knitted from the 'Knitted Babes' book complete with 2 outfits (so far!) and I'm pleased to say that Emily loves her. So much so that Joanna already needs surgery to put her arms back on!! Serves me right for forgetting to actually sew them on properly!! Plus I think her hair is too heavy and her neck under stuffed so there will be the possible addition of some cotton wool buds to act as a spine for her neck!

I think I got carried away with the accessories but then why shouldn't a girl have some bling ear-rings and a feather boa?!!

The last couple of months seem to have been crammed full of spinning, dyeing and knitting which is why the blog has been neglected (plus that naughty Ravelry keeps distracting me too!!) and my favorite thing was the dyeing session that Mum had at her house with myself and Christina. Great fun was had by all and lovely coloured yarns were made using both naturals and chemical dyes. My favorite does have to be the red onion/weld combination though which is destined to be..... why another shawl of course!!

Red Onion (green) and Weld (yellow) natural dyed Alpaca Lace weight

Cochineal natural dyed merino lace weight

BFL sock yarn dyed with Landscapes dyes, over dyed with blue Easy Peasy dyes

Assorted hand-spun yarns - top to bottom:

Fyberspates Alpaca rovings; hand-dyed BFL fleece; Teeswater plied with Cotswold/Texel blend


Artis-Anne said...

Oh you are much more organized than me , I forgot all about posting re FC shawl !! I love the NG shawl and I agree I think you should leave it undyed
Roll on our next meeting ; now what shall we do next time ?

Mrs J said...

Isn't Forest Canopy a great pattern? I love mine too! Landscape Dyes? Easy peasy dyes???? Want some! The results are stunning!

Queen of the froggers said...

You have been busy, I love all the things you have made. The crochet shawl is pretty in the cream.

Caroline M said...

You have been busy, all the yarns look lovely although that lovely green/yellow laceweight is my favorite.

clarabelle said...

Gorgeous knits, Kath, but I'm interested to know if the Norah Gaughan shawl is knit or crochet? Can't quite tell...

RoxyKnits said...

Haven't you been busy? Love the shawl and the knitted babes look great ;)

PS - thanks for your message!

Charity said...

The shawl is so lovely, and the handspun is beautiful! :0)

Anonymous said...

I love all the stuff you've been making. How did I miss this post - LOL!! It was great meeting you too ;)

Anonymous said...

That is one beeoootifull shawl - I am soooo jealous. I had to miss Wonderwool Wales and I was very sad about that - and I think I may have missed 2008's chance to get my hands on some Posh Yarn. I love your colour choice - well done!
I sat one Sunday frantically refreshing the Posh Yarn page, then I realised Dee was missing that week's update!!