Sunday, November 04, 2007

November already?!

I guess you could say I've been a bit lethargic of late when it comes to knitting, blogging, etc and I really hadn't realised quite how long it's been since I blogged last. Recently I've not been doing much knitting at all anyway and have been reading instead some of my favorite books from childhood, namely Susan Cooper's 'Dark is Rising' series which I found again in the attic last month. There have been glimmers of creativeness here and there but I think the whole 'must knit these for Christmas' deal is putting me off it all and so I'm pulling the breaks on and have decided that I will knit things for people and they'll get them when ever but more likely after the festivities!! I also forgot that MIL already has her present of lace weight merino and a pattern so there's one less thing on the list already!!

Autumn finally seems to have arrived here and has lead to my current obsession with photographing mushrooms and fungi.

And my Aunt finally introduced me to her charges - 15 adorable Ryland sheep on the Formby Dune Heath which she 'watches' one day each week (counts them and feeds them and checks they're OK). They're on holiday from the Liverpool City Farm which has lost some of it's funding and so is unsure if these sweeties will be coming home again or not. They are such friendly little things and, with no rudeness involved, just look at those furry little bottoms - like mini Alpacas!

They did actually come up to you and were strokeable. Emily really enjoyed this but I told her she had to be quite with them and say 'Good Morning Mr Sheep' which she obediently did - can't get her to tidy up but say hello to a sheep? Of course!! Definitely a spinner/knitter in the growing!

Back to the glimmers of creativeness - I've found a 'local' Spinning guild. I say 'local' as it's about an hour away near Abergelle in a fantastic spot and in my first meeting we did rush weaving which was great fun - can you tell what it is yet?

It's a mat of course!! A bit holey and bumpy but I love it and I'd love to do more again. The lady who taught us was Mandy Coates and she had some wonderful creations on show with her made from both rush and willow and apparently goes to a lot of shows in North Wales wearing her woven hats so do look out for her! I've been back to the guild since for a spinning afternoon and the next meeting for me will be a show and tell - eek!! Will have to prepare myself for that one!

Talking of SWD guilds you may remember Mum has done some weavings with her guilds, the name of the lady escapes me now but I'm sure Mum has note of it somewhere on her blog. Anyway I had a little go at one as well way back when she did her first one but hadn't got round to finishing it off for ages. Now I can finally present it to you all:

Maybe there should be a prize for the person who can guess what it's meant to be. DH had trouble even seeing it in the flesh but then he does sometimes have trouble seeing things right in front of him - bless him! He was also the cause of a woolie mishap when my Twillies Freedom Spirit tank ended up in the wash. Poor DH hid it thinking I'd go mad with him (a bit annoyed granted but I've not killed him for it!) and when confronted with the felted mass he said 'Can't you frog it?' which impressed me with his knowledge of knitting terms - can't go mad when he's learnt that much, there is hope he may learn more!!

My knitting course progresses all 8 weeks of it including homework one of which is this bag in Sirdar Bigga which was an insanely quick knit but needs lining at some point before I call in properly finished.

Right, I'm weary now - coming down with a cold and having a tiresome few days (and nights) with a poorly DD who not only is full of cold and coughs but has nasty big back teeth coming through as well so lots of sleepless nights and whingey days poor love. Will try and get my knitting mojo back but the old knitting/tennis elbow is still bothersome at times so it may be dribs and drabs. Oh, that reminds me - I've a new link in the side bar for 'Knitting without Obligation' which I found from a comment on ArtyFartyKat's site which seems a really sensible approach to blogging which fits my mood lately and I've decided to try not to make this blog seem a chore and blog when I feel up for it. I will try and catch up with you all as soon as possible but it seems to be the hibernating season for quite a few blogs lately - maybe it's the time of year! Catch you all soon!!


Queen of the froggers said...

Its nice to read all your news. II like the idea of the blogging without obligation, thats what it should be! the sheep are nice and fluffy and your basket weaving looks great to try.

Sarah said...

Oh the sheep are too cute - I would like to say Hello to them!

Glad there is some creativity bubbling away over with you and too true that there should be no obligation in blogging.

Dipsy said...

Oh, but you've been very, very creative lately - I always so enjoy coming over to your blog and seeing what you've been up to - and seeing all the goodies you've created! Your photography is stunning indeed - especially the mini alpacas are ever so cute! (That first pic is priceless!)
I applaud you for your decision not getting yourself all stressed up by all the holiday knitting! This "deadline" knitting takes a lot of fun out of the craft itself - things are just not so nice anymore if we HAVE to do them, are they? So, knitting what you want for whoever you decide, but not hurrying up to have these knits finished right on time, this is the perfect thing I'd say! And the same goes for blogging - this should never be an obligation, but something you enjoy doing!

Piglottie said...

I always want to re-read my favourite children's books in the Autumn. I may have to read Wind in the Willows again this weekend :)

I love fungi too, and your pictures are beautiful. And what beautiful things you have been making! Your weaving looks stunning and to me, like a forest edge leading to a river or lake. Love it!

And agree with what others have said, blogging should be fun not an obligation so we look forward to seeing you when you feel like posting :)

Artis-Anne said...

The Ryeland are sooo cute aern't they ?
I am totally with you re the Xmas knitting and I too will add that Blogging without obligation symbol on my blog when I do get around to blogging that is LOL
The weaving came out lovely and the lady's name is Etta Ingham-Laurie
See you sonn :)

acrylik said...

Wonderful to catch up with your news. I love the weaving, in my eyes I see the sea and mountains in there, it's excellent.

Hope you're feeling much better soon.

artyfartykat said...

You have been sooo creative lately! I love all the goodies you've made, especially the wall hanging. Not good at guessing, but it looks underwater to me!
The fungi pics are stunning, I'd love to learn more about them, I even fancy going on one of those fungi forays to learn the different types!
The blogging wothout obligation post made me adapt my mindset too towards blogging, NO MORE GUILT!!

clarabelle said...

I'm totally with you about blogging without obligation! I'm feeling rather sluggish myself about blogging right now, so I know how you feel. I think sometimes you enjoy reading someone's blog that you want them to blog every few days! And if they don't, then you want to know why!

Hope you're feeling better soon and that girlie's got her back teeth through!

dreamcatcher said...

A lot of us seem to have a blip in our knitting mojo at the moment! It's odd really as you'd think with winter we'd be more "into" our lovely warm knits :-) I just had a bit of a break and did some other things and now I feel much more like finishing my 2 "big" projects.

I also totally agree with BWO, I have the button already :-D I have taken breaks away from the blog before, but now realise that BWO is the right attitude :-)

I looove the sheep in the pics! I hope the poor things have a proper home after the zoo having problems.

Nicola said...

It's so true what you say about Halloween, Bonfire Night is definitely the usurper. It would certainly be nice with Halloween's current resurgence if the ancient roots of the festival could make their way into public knowledge a bit more (I for one know little about them - I'm sure trick or treating is only a small part of the whole). I *did* see Juno Regina on Knitty - a bit of a strange coincidence - strange how my blog whinges have such an influence to patterns published there (just kidding!)

Seahorse said...

Totally agree on the 'without obligation' element of *any* hobby!

I love the fungi pics and the sheep are great.

Your wall hanging is beautiful - to me it says mossy waterfalls and verdant glades.

Helen said...

Lovely pics - thoses sheep bottoms are so cute!

RoxyKnits said...

I love the sheep - they are the cutest!

I solved the xmas knitting pressie dilemma years ago by never knitting anything for anyone. Apart from baby gifts and the odd occasional gift. But NOT for xmas. Ever. The pressure takes the fun away and like you say, it should be fun.

Don't worry about the blogging. I haven't been up to doing mine and prefer dipping into Ravelry ;)

KnitYoga said...

Love your fungi pics especially the first one and the sheep are so cute. I shouldn't worry about losing your knitting mojo a bit as your creativity is still bubbling away there in all sorts of things - weaving, etc, and the photography.

cyndy said...

Love, love -LOve the rush weaving!!

The sheep are wonderful too!
And thanks for showing off the srooms that grow in your neck of the wood ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you and DD are soon feeling better.
We love the Dark is Rising series here too and I remember with great fondness the hours spent reading them to Binky and Bob. Think I will try and avoid the new Americanised film version though!
Love your rush weaving - as a good part of our damp field is a rush bed, I feel inspired to make it useful. Ta!!

Craftydramaqueen said...

Lovely sheepy-weepy! It's 32 shopping days to Christmas apparently. Not enough time to knit lots of pressies, is it? Nevermind ;D Shame about your tank top.

WandaJ said...

I see an elegant blue heron in your delightful tapestry. Careful, the basket weaving bug will nip you if it hasn't already.

Yes, blogging is something that should be done only because, and when, you want to record thoughts and pictures.

gonga said...

I know exactly what you mean about loosing the will to knit, and make. Having read other blogs, I think we are not alone. I have taken to clearing out my workspace, it's good therapy, but mostly it means I will be ready to go when my creative spark comes back.Christmas takes over this time of year, and when your making to a time limit It squashes spontinaity. Roll on 2008.

belaybunny said...

I think I may join you on the blogging without obligaton thing ;) I love those sheep, they're so cute. In the end I gave up on my christmas knitting as it was far too stressful and only knit one thing each for my mum and dad!!

belaybunny said...

Have a great Christmas and New Year!!