Monday, August 13, 2007

And the award goes to...

Well I'm really touched to have been awarded this:

even if it was by my own Mum. Thanks for all your support as well!
And now comes the hard part in both narrowing down who to nominate and finding those who haven't already had this award! So the names out of the shiny gold envelope (drum roll please) are as follows:

hpny knits for all her lovely inspiring photographs and projects.

Christina for managing to knit all those socks with 2 small children!

Crafty Drama Queen for all her talented creations and because she loves green as well (only joking!)

Queen of the Froggers again for all her lovely creations although I've a feeling she may have been nominated already.

I will add this though that it was very hard to narrow the choices down to just four as there are so many blogs out there that are inspirational in both their content and the talent shown and there is such a great and supportive community here in blogland that everyone really deserves this award.

I will post again soon with some knitting content but for now I feel I ought to leave you with a list of current WIP's that make me think I should rename this blog 'The Butterfly Knitter' as I'm flitting from project to project right now with the attention span of a butterfly. Definitely a severe case of Cast-on Fever and Finish-itis although I may have something finished soon!
  • EZ's baby surprise - actually a toddler surprise adapted from the Adult surprise directions so it'll fit Emily better, virtually finished so watch this space;
  • Lacey Summer Shrug - abandoned when the dodgy weather arrived and not touched since;
  • Lacey Waves Jumper (from Lace Style) - back completed and put aside when the warm weather was on it's way in favour of the above;
  • Devon Holiday Sock number 2 - not much more of the foot to knit, not sure why I haven't just picked it up and finished the darned thing;
  • Lace shawl (Japanese Waves or something from KnitSpot) - 1 repeat down, forgot where I put the instructions and 'tidied' the knitting away and forgot about it, poor thing - needs good light and brains.

My handspun yarn from my WoolFest giant merino/silk batt is all done now and so I'm itching to start that soon with a different pattern to the planned one as I don't think I'll have quite enough yardage and don't really want to tempt fate. I'll revisit that pattern with more handspun when I know I'll definitely have enough to finish it.

I was almost sad enough to photograph the shelves of wool in work that I've been playing with lately. It's such a hardship but on my days in I'm being asked to take charge of the wool department and had the hugest wool delivery to put away on Friday and it was all new wools. Well it took all day to find space on the shelves and arrange them to my satisfaction (in colour groups with preference to the colours I liked!) and I was so pleased with the results I was very tempted to photograph it as a FO to show you all here but then I think that would have been a bit sad!! And then the next day I had to put out all the new patterns that had come in the same delivery and I was very pleased with myself that as I was looking at them all my first reactions were - 'I have the yarn for that' or 'I can spin yarn for that' rather than 'I'll need to buy that yarn now!'. Still we have lovely colours of Twillies Freedom Spirit and Sirdar's Peru Naturals that will be screaming at me for a while now - must remember to try and get some Twillies patterns in after hearing Dreamcatchers reviews of the new book - not just for me of course!!


Knitter said...

OMG Kath! thanks.

Riggwelter said...

It must be wonderful to see a pattern and know you can spin your own yarn for it.

Congratulations in the award, well deserved!

Queen of the froggers said...

Kath, Thank you for nominating me! xxx
How nice to get some time in the wool dept.I would have taken far too long there if that was me!

artyfartykat said...

Congrats on your award!
Ohh, a whole load of wool to sort out, bet you were in your element! I must be sad too cos I'd have liked to see a pic!!
I quite fancy the new Twilleys book too, I've heard good things about it. But I still haven't made anything out of the last book yet!
Shame the Woolfest batt wasn't big enough for your planned project, but I'm sure you'll make something fab with it!
Keep up the good work!!

Sarah said...

What is really sad is that I'd like to see the photo of your shelves :)

Artis-Anne said...

I would like to see a piccie of the shelves so that I can drool. I think you do amazingly well to come howm with ANY salary especially as you get discount also !!
That's a brill name for a blog my little Pili Pala :)

clarabelle said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, Kath! You were actually the only person who made a comment about my bonkers Square Deal blanket (which obviously, and understandably, might leave a few people cold).

I'm breathless about your WIPs. Well done, you! (Please allow me time to take a tranquiliser!)