Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm still here - honestly!

Where has the month gone? I've been meaning to post for ages now but have been so tired of an evening that I couldn't face sitting at the computer and so I've sat and knit instead. Saying that though I've not really had a load of time to be able to knit as gone are the days when Emily would have a nap so I've less time to be a everything in. I really want to get some spinning done as well soon so I'll have to make myself put my knitting down one evening!

Spring has arrived in our village and brings with it the impressive avenue of cherry blossom with I just love. So Emily and I have been out admiring the blossom in between playing on the cricket field (yes it really is like a stereotypical English Village with cricket on the green!) and we thought you may like to see it for yourselves!

I do have some knitting content for you as well in the form of a progress shot of 'Butterfly' form 'Noro Knits' (I think). I'm using my American Noro-esque yarn which is lovely to knit and the colours are lovely as well. And wouldn't you just know it - the pattern for this is virtually the same as for Jaywalkers!! Speaking of which since I made them I've seen about 5 or 6 Jays and I've not seen any for years before now - magic socks!
You can also see the kind gift from my wonderful benefactress (Mum) of a set of Boyes of my very own!! And fabulous they are too! Anyway I'm keeping this short and sweet today as I'm hogging Mum's computer to update this for you and we have plans afoot to venture out into the rain for some food shopping and maybe some beads in the new local bead shop - fingers crossed for beads large enough to spin with!!


acrylik said...

Oooh, the blossom looks just gorgeous, what a lovely view!

The Boyes look fantastic - lucky you!

Seahorse said...

What a lovely place to live!

That phase between 'no more naps' and starting school is quite a hard one!

artyfartykat said...

Where does the time go?
The cherry avenue looks beautiful and the village sounds idyllic!
What a marvellous gift! A very generous benefactor indeed!! I love the colours of your Noro-esque too,looking forward to seeing the finished article!

Chris said...

Hiya, hope you're enjoying your time at your ma's, the knitting's looking good! Bead shop too, I'm jealous!
You'll find a size 8 will fit nicely on DK yarn though you can just about fit smaller(9).
Let me know if you get a spare eve. and require company. Otherwise, see you at your next knit group ( whenever that might be).

Sarah said...

Butterfly looks really lovely. Hope you had success with the beads.

Jo said...

Glad everything is going well Kath, have fun at your mums, hope it gives you a chance to relax and have a rest, I used to have to take Neo out in the car to get him to sleep.

Christina said...

Your butterfly top is looking gorgeous, and so is the blossom!! My DS doesn't have naps now either, but at least he's at nursery 4 mornings a week now!! Hope you're getting lots of spinning done at your mum's.

Artis-Anne said...

Didn't we have fun and aern't we so relaxed now ..NOT !!! LOL
I love your village and as we were leaving they were playing cricket on the green:)
You will soon have that gorgeous cardigan knitted up and clever you in finding such a grea Noro-esk yarn and in such a lovely colour

Kendra said...

Lucky you to get the Boyes, they are such nice colours! Butterfly looks very pretty. I love the texture the pattern is making.

Frankie said...

I like the look of those needles. Never heard of Boyes - must try to keep up!
Glad to hear you are enjoying the spring.

Fiberjoy said...

When the stage comes that a toddler rebels against naps you can still enforce a "quiet hour". Time spent on the bed doing anything they'd enjoy as long as it's quiet. It may take a bit to firmly entrench the routine but it is possible. Mommy has to be quiet too. I would have gone insane without that quiet hour right after lunch which we observed until kindergarten. The bonus was that almost always both kids fell asleep during that hour which meant much more cheerful people in the house.