Friday, January 12, 2007

Let There be Photos!

Finally I've been able to upload my photos and show all my new goodies - there does seem to be a purpley colour theme in this photo which I've only just noticed. All these items were listed in my previous post.

The Colinette Tagliatelle is not quite as lurid as the photo appears but it gives you an idea and the lace weight yarn is just a touch darker but not too far from a true depiction which is odd as the Tagilatelle just looks too bright. Am not sure what the lace yarn will become yet, I've some ideas but none finalised as yet. The Tagliatelle will become 'Either.. Or' which ever one is which but you can see Mum's example here.

When I wrote the last post I hadn't started my next knitting or spinning projects but had photographed them already for you. Firstly I planned to knit myself a Beret using a pattern from the Winter issue of Interweave Knits and a ball of my very own hand spun wool and silk blend in lovely Bluey-Green colours (75g with 180m).

This was such a lovely quick knit and satisfying to see how any irregularities in my yarn were evened out when knitted. The only pain was starting with only 8 stitches over the double point needles which was a bit fiddly not to twist and to start off right. I love this now and must admit I've hardly had this off my head since I finished it and can see myself making more in different colours and I actually had left overs which is good as I did wonder if I had enough yarn.

Next up is my spinning project. When we went to Winghams I got a selection of Merino/Silk blends which I thought could look quite glacial all blended together starting with some white/mint green mix (which looked like toothpaste!) to deep greens and turquoise mixes. I started off by splitting the rovings into separate colour sections as much as possible and sorted them into the order that I wanted them to be in. Each coil of rovings there is roughly the same order and theoretically when spun up and plied together should make some sort of self striping yarn with some sort of order to the colour bands.

Of course I haven't actually plied anything together yet so am not sure if this theory will work out or not. In addition I've found some lovely seed beads in opalescent cream and icy mint green which I think I will tread up randomly on some thread and ply in with the yarn. And then I could go completely over the top as I found some lovely metallic turquoise sewing thread that could work with this as well. I'll decide as I go on but I do know what I want to use this yarn for at least which is a Moebius Cowl - not sure which pattern yet but something Lacey! Do get the feeling I'm making this up as I go on? Well you're not wrong!

Also on the news front at the moment is the sad loss of one of my local yarn shops. But it does mean that all the yarn has 25% off and the pattern books are 50% off. Whilst I know that I've enough yarn (and fibre to make more) to last me all year, if not longer, I can not bear the thought of missing out on all these bargains, especially as their prices weren't extortionate in the first place. So, between Mum and myself, some of the yarn has been rehoused but the temptation of Jaeger Matchmaker Merino yarn, Rowan Kid Classic and dozens upon dozens of discontinued yarns still calls to be rehoused! Watch this space....

I will report later on what I succumbed to already but I think you've had enough wittering so far today!


Christina said...

I love the beret, it looks great. And you got some lovely presents there. Hope you have a great year using all your new books!!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh the beret is lovely Kath ; Pattern Please ? LOL.
I am glad I am not near your LYS as I know I would end up with more if I SAW all the yarns. Looking forward to getting the Jaeger though :)

acrylik said...

Gorgeous yarns there!

I love your beret, and I always think it's amazing to have made something that you have spun the yarn for.

I like the sound of your next spinning experiment, looking forward to seeing how the yarn turns out.

artyfartykat said...

How fantastic to wear something you've spun then knitted!
The beret looks great, suits you sir!!
Isn't reduced yarn irresistable, even if you have loads already and vowed not to buy anymore until you had used your stash!!
My motto is : Buy more while cheap!!

Jo said...

Love the beret, the toothpaste fibre looks great. Must have been fab to have a trip to Wighams, I'm just to far away to contemplate it.

Alice said...

The beret is great, and to think you spun it yourself...

I too will be interested to see how your next spinning wotsit turns out.

Clever thing.

EGJ said...

Love the beret - such a great shade of green. The lace-weight yarn looks really nice and shiny too, although I've personally not yet dared touch any lace-weights... :-)