Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Merry Month of Making!

Hello again! Long time since I posted last but it has been a busy month as you will discover!! Lots of FO's to show you and I'll start with the knitting.

Here Emily is modeling one of my first knitted items for her - again it's taken her ages to grow into it! It was such a simple little poncho to make (pattern from Simply Knitting magazine ages ago!)

Next Emily is modeling Mummy's Little Arrowhead Shawlet, yes I am aware it is more her size than mine but it is as the pattern stated. I do kind of wish I'd made it longer then the pattern suggested but at the time was far too impatient to see the finished item so cast off and hoped for the best during the miracle of blocking!

And some close ups of the shawlet (pattern from 'Sweet Somethings - staff projects' on Interweave Knits website).

Don't you just love the colours in the yarn? This was one of my cones of 4ply from the Colinette Millshop so am not sure what colourway it is - lots of plums and berry shades so may be 'Summer Berries'? And plenty of yarn left!

Again using up some of my Colinette stash and seeing as the weather has been getting colder I made myself some mittens using this pattern from kpixie. They're not quite as long as they should be as I misread the pattern but the size is OK for my hands - nice and snug and warm! I had forgotten how fiddly mittens were to do things with - I don't think I've had mittens since I was little!

I've also finally made some socks! Again for Emily (due to the fact that won some sock wool on eBay and hadn't realised that it was a 50g ball and not enough for me!) and with more wool left over for another pair for her! Not bad out of one small ball. This was the best shot I could get with her wearing them - not great I know but she just would not stay still for me! These were made to measure as well as I couldn't find a small enough pattern for her (or rather it was a case of either too small or too large) so too measurements and worked the socks out using Knitty's Universal Toe-up Sock formula.

And in case you wanted a better look here you go... along with the sock yarn I won.

Now... enough Knitting, on to my Spinning!

I've been enjoying the spinning loads and have aquired a pile of lovely bits to play with over the month but I'll tell you about them later - I think you've enough to look at so far as it is! Below you see all the yarn I've produced so far:

The white/cream is some piled Cheviot in it's natural colour, it's roughly DK to Aran weight but is not overly evenly spun - there are slubby bits here and there.

These two day-glow looking yarns aren't really as bright as them seem. The flash has seemed to make the colours glow so much. I'm not entirely sure what type of wool this is, Mum and I think it is Merino just by the shine to it and the softness it has but I could be wrong. The predominately red ball was spun and piled first and as a result is less even and has more odd slubs here and there than the greeny-blue one has which is actually quite even. I meant to photograph them before I wound them into balls but I forgot so you don't get a really good idea of the colours but if I tell you that they're both a mix of red, yellow, green and blue you'll get an idea. Not that you couldn't really guess what colours they were anyway!

And what will I make with just over 100g of again DK / Aran weight yarn? Why a bright winter hat for Emily! You will probably note that I am finally evening the scores a bit an Emily is now getting more knitting done for her! And despite my early start there is still Christmas knitting to be done - not too demanding projects but still I shall leave you here and get back to my current WIP's:

  • Fluffy pink hooded cardi for Emily knitted top down and in one piece (no sewing up - hooray!);
  • Red Marble Metis for myself;
  • Autumnal cardi for Emily (needs frogging a bit but yarn is so awful to pick up stitches with that am avoiding that task for a bit!);
  • Tank Girl top from one of the Stitch n Bitch book that is still waiting to be finished - may just be finished in time for next Summer!
  • And of course the Christmas knits which I won't mention here in case of Spies!!


craftydramaqueen said...

You clever girl! I love the socks and shawl and the spun yarns are fab.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh Kath the socks look great (did I tell you I succumbed and bought some yarn sock ? ) The spinning is coming on great as well ; don't you just LOVE it

artyfartykat said...

Wow! I'm in awe of your spun yarn, it looks gorgeous! You are doing so well for having been spinning such a short time!
I love the teeny tiny socks for Emily! She looks so cute in her poncho and shawl.
You are sooo lucky living so close to the Colinette millshop!! I'm just jealous!

Christina said...

the socks and poncho look really cute. I just surcumbed to some more colinette jitterbug yarn for socks. Your spinning looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

Your shawl is beautiful - the colours are lovely.

You and your Mum are so clever with this spinning thing - as I said to her - I'm a bit envious! Well done.

Seahorse said...

I love the colours in your hand spun!

Frankie said...

Wow - the yarn looks fantastic! Love Emily's socks too. And she looks gorgeous in the shawl.

acrylik said...

You've been extremely busy! I just love your hand spun, looking forward to seeing what you create with it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kath I have tagged you :)