Wednesday, September 20, 2006

FO's as promised!!

Here we go - Emily's little dress has been completed and Emily duly wore it today when we visited Tam O'Shanters Farm near us. It a lovely Urban Farm which is lovely for little ones with sheep, rabbits, goats, ducks, hens, pigs, donkeys and ponies and is run on a charitable basis. I will show you the photos of the dress in a moment but first I'll tell you about their sheep (keeping the knitting theme going!) - there are lovely Manx Langhorns which have a lovely chocolate brown fleece. I asked the ranger what happens with their fleeces as I was a spinner (well - I didn't tell him how badly I spun!) and would be interested in the wool. So he took my number and is trying to find the fleece that he thinks is around somewhere for me!! Just think, wool from Birkenhead's finest (and probably only) sheep!

Anyway back to the knitting. Here we have the dress as modelled by Emily:

As usual she will not sit still for her photos but here is the dress again (well one done from the same pattern) but this time modelled a few years ago by myself!

Other FO's on the catwalk? Here comes Odessa as modelled by our model of the month Emily. Note please how she is about to yank the hat off and throw it on to the floor. It was this or a boring photo of the hat on the floor!

Right, I will tell you all about my spinning and show you my attempts but it has taken me so long to get these photos up on blogger that I really am feeling too tired to type more tonight. Besides DH is itching to get back on the computer to play! So for now this is it and I will report on the spinning soon, hopefully with news of the Manx fleeces!! Fingers crossed there is still one around or its a long wait until next July when they're sheared again!


Artis-Anne said...

Its amazing !! Emily looks so much like you and in that dress !!! takes me back and makes me old LOL It lookks cute on her . Have you washed the wool you spun yet ? I did a little bit more of that Cheviot fleece yesterday and its so soft . Fingers crossed you get that fleece; guess that means you will be over real soon after we get home ;)

sarah said...

Love the dress. I have memories of myself in hand knitted stuff, made by both my Grandmas and my Mum. I would love to find some of the patterns. The only thing I have is the christening dress my Mum made by hand which both my girls wore for their respective christenings. Emily was 7months old and Charlotte was 14months old.

craftydramaqueen said...

How cute is she?! The wellies set off the dress beautifully!
By the way, you are the winner of my 50th post comp. Please email me your address so I can send your gift when it's finished.

Seahorse said...

What fabulous 'then and now' pictures! Really lovely dress :)

craftydramaqueen said...

Please email your address to so I can send your pressie!

acrylik said...

The dress looks lovely and I love the photo of you wearing the same design!

Hope you hear about the fleece soon!

Alice said...

What a lovely little dress and it fits just perfectly. I really like your Odessa too.